as promised: a nostalgic look at horse shows

We spent a solid 12 hours (or more?) at the horse show on Saturday in 100 degree weather. It was hot. And I was thirsty a lot. And my feet got really dusty. By the end I decided I am happy I'm not spending every weekend at a horse show this summer. That's the short story.

The long story has more to do with what horse shows really mean to me, how ingrained they are in my history and how I will always love them, at least a little.

Roux was a good horse show dog.

She loved riding in the golf cart too, which made her mama proud.

Several people looked at Annick and I should hear more today about whether anything is going to pan out or not. It's a hard thing, on one hand my goal is to sell her so it would be a good thing, but on the other hand it makes me unspeakably sad to think about saying goodbye to the little horse.

I did take some photos, though not as many as I thought I'd take. I think there is a little glimmer in them of what I love about horse shows, primarily all the time spent surrounded by animals. I think what I loved so much about them as a kid, without really being able to put my finger on it, was the way a horse show is like a mini universe where everything is about horses. That's the part I still love.

(lovely tent photo by Lauren)

In other news, I am going to be on Fox News tomorrow for my little Denver Dog Photography business.

I'm a little worried I'll pull one of these. (Minus all the business about CEO's and stock, of course).
And after that, Lauren and I both are off to Washington and Montana for a little road trip. Be back next week.

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Wonder Net said...

1. Can I get some originals of the horse show photos? Especially that really great tent shot....

2. Would you like me to hold up some cue cards tomorrow during the interview? I'm fairly confident Fox doesn't have any basis to attack you out of the blue on live TV such as happened to Jim Carey and Globodyne. People love dogs and photography, so rest assure, things will go great!!