I don't know about you, but I can't wait for August

July has felt like the longest month EVER. I like summer, I really do, just not when it means that inside of my house has to be 87 degrees AT ITS COOLEST. I realize August will probably be hot too, but I am hoping it'll at least start to cool down a little. Also, August is the month during which I get to quit my job! Not counting today I have 11 days left of work, which translates to approximately 88 hours, at least 40 of which will probably be spent surfing the internet. So that means I only have about 48 hours left of work! Yahoo.

A few orders of business...

You can also listen to her MySpace here. I first listened to her this morning and after about five minutes straight up bought her album from iTunes. I didn't poke around to see if anyone had it and could give me a burned cd for free, I didn't see if Alex could download it on his free bit torrent thingy, I just bought it.

2. Artist of the Week: Emily Sutton
Lauren, you are going to L-O-V-E these little songbirds. I love them and I'm not even a birdster like you.

3. Also, Lauren, just because you are in Portland doesn't mean you have a vacation from posting. Just fyi.

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Wonder Net said...

you're right, I'm a sucker for those little bird sculptures. I also like the set up of her website, so keep that in mind when I pay you to design my website mmmk?

and don't fret...i am actually bringing my computer with me with intention to be a good little blogger whilst i'm away.