artist(s) of the week: Erik Otto and Canada

First I would like to bring your attention to Erik Otto (check him out here ). I saw a print of his hanging above a friend's toilet (of all places) and mentioned that I really liked it. Said friend directed me to his website, and I was also very fond of what I found there. Much like you and chickens, I have a thing for houses and boats (and anything on stilts).Next, I would like to bring your attention to Canada, one of my new favorite bands. I don't claim to know a lot about them yet, but I know I like the music that I have heard (and listened to it many times over in Nebraska while I was working in my studio.). Here's a glimpse of their humor and personality:

Canada is a live rock and roll band of seven friends that put out albums of songs that they write and perform together. One is a champion of breakfast, two of them are broads. One of them, you would see and say, “That’s Him!” One of them has a best friend named Sam. One can dance as though he were about to die. Two have very similar names, but lead two very different lives. They all enjoy laughing, old farms, beer and traveling. Last year they put out a record called This Cursed House and it was quite a lot of fun, so they plan on doing that again sometime soon. Not putting out an album called This Cursed House again, but putting out another album with a different name. Canada enjoys performing music that they write together for strangers in far off cities. They’ll be doing that quite a bit over the summer months. If you like the songs you hear on their Myspace page, please come to one of their shows as they will try to make it a good time.

Take a listen here: (Beige Stationwagon is the song that first won me over)

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Claire said...

yup, pretty much in love with eric otto