marvelous montana

The last few days have been a whirlwind, and as I now sit alone in my apartment I'm wishing I could travel back in time and live them all over again. Claire and I arrived in Washington last Tuesday night just in time to grab a couple hours sleep before hitting the road on our way to Montana the next morning. A Montana trip has been greatly anticipated by both Claire and I for about as long as I can remember, so we were fairly giddy the whole way there. We decided to take the long way there which delivered beautiful scenery and a highway that ran side by side with a river.

Night one was spent at the Holiday Inn in Bozeman. (We both decided it's so unfortunate that hotels and highways never give a good idea of what a place is really like.) Once we made our way downtown, our hearts were quickly filled with the adoration we had hoped for. The place has a lot of old charm and character with just enough going on to make you feel like you are not in a small town. At the conclusion of the night hopeful dreams about living in Bozeman someday began to brew.Day two and three (there wasn't supposed to be a three but we were easily persuaded to stay an extra night) we spent in Livingston. Here we found exactly what we were hoping to find in Montana, big mountains, big sky, big meadows, big rivers....and wonderful people to boot.
Looking back. we basically received a free luxury Montana vacation package filled with a float down the river, fishing, horseback riding, gun shooting, music, entertainment, rest and relaxation. It was a perfect trip, and one I will treasure for a long time.

Claire, I can't wait to see your impeccably photo-shopped images! And also, I miss you so much already, can you come back please?

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