pack it up, pack it in

I haven't been hungry for the last day or so, which seems to be my reoccurring side effect for stress. I'm sure I don't seem outwardly distressed but my stomach always lets me know how I really feel. The recent hunger strike by my stomach, I'm sure is due to the fact that I will be heading back to good old Washington in just one short day. My daily life there seems so distant right now. Most of the stress, I'm sure regards the unknown of what lies ahead. What will the new grad students be like? How will I cope with the absence of Mary and David? If I really get a dog (which I really think I will) am I going to get kicked out of my apartment? Will I be able to pull my thoughts together to create a solid thesis? And the most looming question of all...what is going to happen when this year passes by in light speed and I find myself wondering what to do and where to go next?

So, today, as I pack up my mind is obviously whirling. A mixture of excitement and sadness about going back. And, thankfully a whole lot of great memories from my short summer vacation in Colorado....Such as a wonderful long dinner with Sam and Claire in Evergreen with bonus John Owen (a 4th grader she teaches) Karate demonstrations by Sam: And sleepovers with Roux....
Goodbye Colorado. I'll miss ya.

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