My three hour dentist appointment somehow morphed into a six hour dentist appointment. With the exception of all the drilling and painful injections in my mouth for a duration of time that probably earned me a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records, it wasn't actually so bad. My dentist is an Aussie and says funny things like when he wants me to put my protective eye gear back on, "put your sunnies on, lovey," and that makes all the difference. Also, as I was leaving his office at 8:30pm, he informed me that an alcoholic beverage would actually help the anesthetic wear off, and told me I should have one on doctor's orders. That's my kind of doctor.

The other thing that made it not so bad was coming home to these courtesy of Alex:

I didn't think I was a girl who really liked to get flowers, but they've actually truly cheered me up. Also, my dad drove three hours yesterday to come over last night. And my sister came, too. Last night as I was trying to drown out the pulsing pain and my worries about how my temporary crowns look, I realized I am a very lucky girl. Dental work or no, I am so grateful for my family, for Alex, for the dog, even.

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