monday, monday

This weekend was Camping Extravaganza, 13 people and three dogs all convening for a night of extravagant camping. Key points:

1. A raucous game of Kings

2. Taking time out for a photo shoot in the evening light (I am going to kick the guy who borrowed my camera to take this photo, who should've taken ONE STEP to the right so that the background was just the lake and NOT someone else's head)

3. Teaching Roux how to swim (this is EXCITING if you are a dog parent who has long dreamed of the day her dog would leap into the water with confidence and do cute doggie paddle laps)

4. Spending three hours in Lauren's pool getting the tan I have been dreaming of since we left the sunny shores of Costa Rica.

And now it is Monday, July 14, which means I am headed to the dentist this afternoon for a three-hour long appointment which I am really, really hoping is finally the beginning of the end. I'm in the midst of creating a dentist playlist, which is designed to be loud enough and obnoxious enough to drown out the sound of the drill. It will include a lot of MGMT. If you're in the market for some new tunes and don't know them, check it out. Especially if you have any oustanding dental work on the horizon.

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