bad bloggers

We've been bad bloggers.
We should work on that.

But first I need to get through the monstrous day that lays ahead. It looks something like this:
- squish in as much photo editing (blogging) as I can before 8am
- go to school early and try to learn how to put images on my website through coding
- try to follow along through a tech class that's all about coding and layers and tags and ftps and isps and stuff
- meet girls from my old job for lunch
- squish in some more photo editing and editing of freelance design stuff i should've finished ages ago
- tremble in fear as i present the redo of the typography project that crashed and burned on monday
- spend three hours in a design class where we do a lot of nothing except eat vegan mushroom stew
- meet up with a friend who's leaving the country for a year or two this weekend
- drive home
- snuggle with puppy
- snuggle with Alex

(Alex will be admonishing the fact I used the word "snuggle" at all, but especially in relation to him).

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