Mickey D's, circa 1996

That's pretty funny that you just did a post about food. . . Because that's exactly what I just signed on to do.

I read 'Fast Food Nation' my freshman year of college and really haven't been able to eat fast food since. Ocasionally I'll get a milkshake or fries (mostly just in the Lima airport, though), but for the most part I steer clear.

If you were ever on the fence about eating fast food, just check this out and then see what you think.


lauren said...

disgusting. good thing i can't remember the last time I at a fast food hamburger.

i stick to the classy stuff....Taco Bell.

marybird said...

food that never goes bad!

now, if he had pooped out that burger and it looked like that, i might be impressed. but most things do stay the same when sealed up for years and years.

mcdonalds is pure genius.