Mastering the moment

On the first day of class, the soon-to-be infamous Typography professor (we'll call him RG for short) started his introduction of the syllabus by telling us the first project was a 'motherfucker.'  (RG's affection for this family of four letter words is quickly becoming apparent).  He wasn't kidding.  He told us to expect it to take 20 hours; I usually work pretty quickly and it probably took me over 30.  We essentially had to recreate over 320 characters in specific typefaces and specific sizes.  It definitely felt like overkill while I was in the midst of it, but it's one of those projects I'm glad I did after the fact.  Someday I might even frame these; I really do love letters.  And one thing RG said yesterday while we were reviewing these assignments is: "It's not about mastering the action.  It's about mastering the moment," which is so true for so many different things.  You don't have to be an Olympic runner to feel like you're one while you're running. . . That's because you're mastering the moment, not the action.

So here is my work, my mastering of the moment: (definitely not a mastering of the action; there are a thousand little flaws on these that thankfully don't seem to really show up in these photos)


lauren said...

wow! they are beautiful! did you get make your own decisions on layout?

Claire said...

yup...i started out spelling words, but that didn't last. we actually have some word projects coming up though so i'm pretty jazzed about that.