Hummingbird Toes

We'd originally planned to spend the weekend in Breckenridge partying it up at Oktoberfest, but ended up changing our plans last minute. Late last week my dad lost one of his dogs, Rosie (whose puppy photo I recently posted). Rosie was my dog while I was in high school, but stayed with my dad when I went away to college. Without getting too much into loosing Rosie (I'll put a Rosie post up on the Denver Dog Photography blog soon), I'll post a couple Beulah photos. My dad lives in the mountains in Southwestern Colorado in a really lovely little cabin. There is an abundance of photographic opportunities there, so I won't share them all, but I do have to share the hummingbird toes. Photographing the hummingbirds was actually Alex's idea, and I'm glad I gave it a go. It was an entertaining endeavor and I have a new found respect for hummingbirds. They flap their wings so fast but stay so still. Also, I really do love those little, tiny feet.

Dee's garden:

And I like this one Alex took. You'll have to ignore my double chin to appreciate the cuteness, but it reminds me of a photo my mom took when I was a freshman in highschool of me lying on the kitchen floor with my dog at the time, Luna. It's also simultaneously strange to me to see this photo with Roux in it instead of Rosie. It's sort of like a staple of change, that there I am in the exact same position as a photo taken 10 years ago, only with one old poodle and my own dog. I don't think I'm being as articulate here as I could be, but I've gotta rush out the door to SCHOOL, so no time to copy edit.

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