H is for House

I came to the library to focus on some reading and a paper I need to write, but I find myself doing a post instead. Oops. In my seminar class last night we watched H is for House, a short film from the 70's by Peter Greenaway. The whole time I was thinking how much a word lover like yourself would enjoy it, but I couldn't find a way to watch it online. So, for now, these stills and a short explanation by Greenaway will have to do. (more info here.)


H is for House is a list of words and pictures that are initialled by the letter H, pointing out the familiar absurdity of sophisticated civilisations that organise their objects, facts and ideas by the arbitrariness of the alphabet. As children, we are instructed to note and remember the alphabetical system carefully, but as adults we no longer regard it as unusual that happiness, hysterectomy, Hampstead, His Holiness, Hitler, Heaven and Hell are gathered up together in homage to their initials.

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Claire said...

oooh, i like it. i'll have to check it out.