late night rollerskates

Every year palouse celebrates themselves with a day of festivities, including a car show in the park:
a parade down main street where it seems anyone who wants to participate can, For example, two girls walking a sheep, and "pirate" cameron, who seemed suspiciously young to be driving that vehicle by himself.

Roux's political affiliates.
Folks from the "old west"

and the frosting on the cake....hundreds of ping pong balls dropped from a helicopter onto the crowd filled Main Street, one of the best ideas I have ever heard of.In the evening we joined everyone at the Tavern for some live music and dancing, followed by late night rollerskating on Main Street.

I'm growing increasingly thankful for this chapter of life I am able to spend in such a strange and wonderful little town.


Claire said...

my favorite, by far, is the dropping of ping pong balls from the helicopter. are there ever any ping pong ball injuries?

lauren said...

not anything serious...just a few kids getting plowed over in everyone's chaotic attempt to gather as many balls as possible.