I was able to take a mini vacation yesterday up to Rathdrum, Idaho with a friend who has an Aunt and Uncle that own a house on Lower Twin Lake. The place was quaint and included a lovely little garden (where I learned that chicken compost smells really terrible.)
I decided, I would love to live on a lake just so I could have my own dock (and probably an old wooden row boat while I was at it).

Sara's Uncle is more of a speed boat guy. Here he is giving us a tour of the lake:
And here he is getting the jet ski ready for us. (I would later become the first guest of theirs to fall off of said jet ski).
And, here is the wall paper in the guest bedroom that I fell in love with. How is it that some person out there put three of my favorite images in the same wall paper?


Claire said...

ah! that wallpaper is amazing! did you ask them where they got it??

lauren said...

no, I neglected to ask because I'm pretty sure it's been there longer than they have