a walk in the park

I don't have classes on Thursday, so I took the opportunity to work from home yesterday. It turned out to be a good decision and I was fairly productive, but I was going crazy staring out the window at the beautiful day I was missing out on. I often feel guilty being inside when the weather is nice. I don't know where that comes from, but I almost feel like I owe it to the weather gods to be outside when they supply such a pleasant day. Finally, I took the late afternoon hours to explore a county park I recently noticed on my drive to and from Moscow. 

It was just what I needed. I was the only one there (besides the birds and billions of grasshoppers), but I was soon joined by this nice mutt pictured below. When he first appeared charging down a hill toward me, I thought he might have intentions of biting my face off. Turns out he just wanted to be friends. He walked with me for good while, and acted like this was something we did together often.  He was great company.

I have no clue how many different breeds he had in him, but one of them gave him this wonderful curl in his tail:


Claire said...

that does indeed sound like the perfect afternoon.
where did the mutt live? did ya take him home with you?

lauren said...

nope, didn't get to bring him home. we eventually happened upon his owner (a man clad in overalls)

Claire said...

well, at least he was wearing overalls.