belated reunion

Even though its been a month since I actually went on this trip, a post is better late than never. All this traveling took place during the interim between the death of my Kodak and the birth of my Canon. So, I've been waiting patiently for the photos I took with my parents camera to be sent to me, which they finally were a couple days ago.

We begin with Pacific Grove, CA. This was an interesting family reunion because I was basically meeting these people for the first time, or at least for the first time as an adult. It was really fascinating to see traces of myself in these family members that are so distant. Within the bunch there were a couple professors, a musician, an MFA, a hunter-jumper, and a fashion artist.
On the trip I also had my first real interaction with Alzheimer's. My great Aunt Betty recently started suffering from it, and it truly seems like one of the most unbearable circumstances for everyone involved. The most remarkable thing was that even amongst what must be such terrible confusion she always seemed happy. Maybe that's because she has no other choice but to live purely in the moment. And, Great Uncle Martin is a man of pure patience.

A reunion would not be complete without a fancy overpriced dinner....
I love this photo because there was one solitary baby at the reunion, and there was almost always a camera pointed in her direction.
Monterey Bay:
And the next few are from a life altering trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Look for future influences from this place in my artwork this year.

Alcatraz, San Fransisco.

I took this photo out the window on the train ride from San Fran to Portland. I love how aged it looks. Seems fitting for the mode of transportation.
Mom, at the Portland Rose Gardens.
Last stop, Levanworth, WA. Like traveling to Europe without leaving the country...

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