I always think it's interesting when you look back at little sections of your life to see which people you ended up staying in touch with. Ironic, isn't it, that sometimes people who are practically your best friends sort of fade away, and other people you knew only slightly end up sticking to the background of your life?

I lived in California for a summer, and Justin is one of the people I got to know while I was there (and have since stayed in touch with). He was a photographer/waiter at the time, but he recently transitioned into doing photography full time. His work is absolutely breathtaking and he's been great about helping me with any questions I have along the way too. I check his blog every now and again and got really excited when I saw he's posted some recent work from the Del Mar racetrack. (I can't link directly to the entry, but go to the blog and scroll down for the rest of the photos). They are so, so wonderful. I can't help but think about Wonder and Ashley.

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lauren said...

i love those photos...and i miss wonder and ashley. if i could time travel i would go back to when reading those books made me happier than just about anything else.