Pecha Kucha Night Lights

Last night we went to Pecha Kucha night in Denver for one of my classes and I drug Alex along. It comes from a Japanese term for chit chat, and the idea was developed as a way for architects to show their work in a quick format. There were architects, graphic designers, visual artists, sculptors and writers there last night, so it was a little more broad, but they stuck to the main idea: each presenter gets 20 slides and 20 seconds to talk about each slide. Some of them weren't as prepared or as descriptive as I'd have liked, but there was definitely some cool work. At the end of the night, they took a photo of the crowd from the front of the theater and asked us to spell letters with our cell phones. I like being a part of community art, especially when it ends up looking like this.

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lauren said...

wow! that picture is fantastic!