Ferns + Fungi

I've been wanting to spruce up the house recently. Right when I first moved in, we did a lot of home improvement kinds of things and then it sort of tapered off, which was probably a good thing because home improvement/decorating projects tend to be both time consuming and expensive. HOWEVER, I am wanting to tackle a few outstanding projects recently. One of those projects is our bedroom. It's so close to being really exactly what I want except for two things:

1. Roux's GINORMOUS kennel in the corner, which gives it the feel of a zoo. She really doesn't need it any more and we will be transitioning into a grown up dog bed before too long.

2. The wall to the left of our bed needs something nice on it. I really love the color we've painted the room, but it needs some artwork to liven it up. I've been compiling a list of possibilities from Etsy for Alex to look at for a few weeks and we've finally chosen the winners!


and this:

to hang side by side, using these instead of frames.
(The artists' wonderful Etsy shop here).

.....and I'm still waiting for updated photos of your apartment, Lauren. Tsk, tsk.

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lauren said...

Wren will be very pleased with the Fungi decision.

hold your horses, apt pics will be here soon