Santa Monica

My sister and I spent the long weekend visiting my dad's sister (Karen) and her husband (Nick) at their home in Santa Monica. They have this really wonderful house they bought from a surfer five or six years ago. It's all very open and tropical feeling and just a short walk from the beach. After much deliberation I decided to bring my camera along and am glad I did. The Farmer's Market especially was super fun with Dottie. But before I delve into those photos - here are the bird photos. Just for you, Lauren.

Farmer's Market:

Late night BBQ:

I have to admit it was a good change of pace to take photos of something other than dogs.

But now that it's been three days, I'm ready for some more canine subjects.


lauren said...

I love the birds, thanks for thinking of me.

I also love the farmer's market. Good decision to bring Dottie along. I'm sure she enjoyed herself.

Nadia said...

Wow. I'm jealous. I spent the long weekend in the back yard with Rowan, but I guess that's not that bad of a time either.