being stalked by a mountain lion

Alright, you've made me feel guilty about my blog neglect. I'm often hesitant to post if I don't have a visual element to keep my writing company (which is the case right now), but I will share some recent thoughts anyway.

I spent Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon in Seattle for a quick and fun Colorado reunion. Four folks from Colorado happened to be visiting on the same two days, so I couldn't resist making the drive, even though I had to miss some school (priorities). The first night I spent with a friend that is getting her masters in counseling. I always cherish times with her because I get to delve into topics like God, and love, and the meaning of life, and why we are all crazy...things I don't get to talk about much here at school. On top of that we have a lot of fun, and her three children are those types you were talking about on the DDP blog that make you think, "ok, maybe I DO want some of those someday."
I also got to spend some time with a good friend from home and her husband. We spent Monday night reminiscing, drinking (much to expensive drinks), and disusing the fragile state of the world and politics. While all the passionate conversation was going on I realized that while it stinks that we are in the middle of some terrible issues as a country, it's also exciting to see people sort of come alive in response to it all. Another example...the other day I took my recycling to the recycling center (as you do), and was sort of shocked to find so many other people there, and even further shocked to find most of them had gray hair. Moral of the story, even though these are hard times, it's encouraging to see people that people are trying to counter balance.

Last thought, different topic (sort of). What do you think life would be like if fear didn't exist? Obviously, it protects us quite often from dangerous situations, but it also seems like an un-welcomed visitor a large portion of the time. The other day I was on a hike by myself (that in itself is a battle with fear) and I was taking my time looking at things and enjoying myself, when the thought entered my head, "what if I saw a mountain lion over there on that other ridge?" that thought quickly turned into "I'm probably going to see a mountain lion over there on that ridge any minute," and that thought quickly turned into "holy crap, I am being stalked by a mountain lion and I need to hurry up and get back to my car." How ridiculous is that? As soon as I let those totally illogical bits of fear enter my mind, my experience was totally ruined.

Speaking of fear...good luck with critique tonight champ. I hope you blow their minds.

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Claire said...

i like your wordy posts, even if there's no visual element.

and i think a lot about fear, too. sometimes i think i cause all my rattlesnake run ins simply because every time i go running i wonder if i'll see one, and then i start visualizing them, and pretty soon i almost step on one.